Affirmations for Depression | How I Beat Depression in 14 Days | eBook + Guided Affirmations

Affirmations for Depression | How I Beat Depression in 14 Days | eBook + Guided Affirmations

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Do you find yourself struggling to get through the day? Have you wondered why you just can't seem to feel better? 

You might be surprised to learn that a huge contributor to these feelings is your own self-criticism.

The way you speak to yourself has a massive impact on the way you feel. Learning the best way to talk to yourself, and practicing this skill daily will help you tackle negative feelings. It’s easy, and powerful if done consistently. Take it from me, I even beat depression - in just 14 days.

My hope for you, dear reader, is for you to learn this simple skill and become the happy, joyful, abundant person you are meant to be.

This book will explain:

  • What is negative self talk
  • What causes negative self-talk (It’s not your fault!)
  • How to use affirmations to train your brain into feeling happy!


With this eBook you will also get my personal affirmation audios! Hack your mood by listening to a series of transformational done-for-you audio tracks. Each unique track is 10 minutes long - short enough to fit into even your busiest day, but also the perfect length to effectively reduce stress. 

Digital download gives you immediate access to your purchase. Included are the following 5 audios:

  • Audio #1 is designed to build up your self-worth. This is by far my favorite track! Ground yourself in a profound belief that you are wonderfully worthy, and deeply deserving of happiness and love. 

  • Audio #2 is designed to build up your confidence in your abilities and recognize your unlimited potential! This audio helped me secure a promotion at a new company that fit my personality, and provided me with a whopping 30% increase in salary!

  • Audio #3 is designed to build up a Bullet-Proof Positive Mindset! Say good-bye to worry and lean in to a new, beautiful, healthy you!

  • Audio #4 is designed to rewire your brain through gratitude practice. The deep tones of the music were selected for ultimate relaxation, perfect for bedtime!

  • Audio # 5 will take your overall wellness to the next level!

Special (Secret) Bonus: Included in your purchase are 5 Easy Mindfulness Worksheets that you can print and fill out, over and over again. Use these guided worksheets to develop new mindset habits in a super simple, and quick way. The bonus worksheets included in this bundle are:

  • Best Possible Self
  • Coping Skills for Anxiety
  • Self-Esteem Builder
  • Gratitude Journal #1
  • Gratitude Journal #2

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ms. D.
Great Affirmations

There's nothing like listening to affirmations when you first get up in the morning and for bedtime is the best. I highly recommend this for women.

Love Yourself
Accepting Yourself

loved it and definitely needed! every woman should have something like this to start the day!

Love it.

What an awesome guide. It has so many positive affirmations that not only women but everyone who lacks confidence.

Love her voice

The affirmations are so applicable to real life. I cried the first time I heard them. A true way to challenge your inner self to be your best self. 💙

Amanda P.
Yes! Powerful stuff.

I listened to this with my niece, and we loved it. She found it so inspirational! It left her beaming. What a gift. It's simple. It's direct. It's focused. What a good use of time. Recommend!